Man who travels around the world

I recently watched videos on YouTube channel “Indigo Traveller”. As it mentioned on the title, it is about a travel video by New Zealand guy named Nick. He travels around the world (around 60 countries) taking the video and upload it on to his Youtube channel which 233thousands people are subscribing.

Among his video, I chose to watch some of his North Korea film. Before I watch the film, I was little worried because North Korea is an unsociable country and Nick was from Europe, so I thought that there might be some point that he couldn’t understand and think as awkward. And I realized that I had totally a wrong idea because he was perfectly understanding the culture and society of North Korea. He was even talking about North Korean agriculture system and he had understood a hundred-percent of North Korea’s religion. When he went to the temple, he made a perfect explanation about it and I was shocked that he knew better than I. Also, he was able to explain why the shape and condition of the farming land is so different. It was so different with other travel videos because they were only focused on food, scenery and thing people can enjoy. However, I could see all the cultural things and to see daily lives of North Korean people was my favorite.

By watching the videos, I was amazed during the whole play time. It was so different than what I expected. I’ve learned from school that North Korea is truly an undeveloped country and their level is low. I thought they were eating porridge made of corn powder and all the citizens were thin because they don’t have much things to eat. What I saw through the video was they were even in a better condition than I. I could see the nature was so clean and not destroyed. Not only the nature they also had the good scientific technics. What made me really surprised was there were three female elderly dancing and taking a rest on the rock at the beach. Why I was surprised is I never knew that there is a free time for North Korean people. I believed that people are working for 24 hours except sleeping time

I would like to highly recommend the video I watched and to subscribe his Youtube channel. I am sure that many people have misunderstanding about North Korea and for other countries that they haven’t been. For me, North Korea is the closest country and most related country to my country, but I had totally wrong idea about them. We cannot visit all the countries around the world but that doesn’t mean there is no way to experience their culture. I think it is possible enough to indirectly experience other country’s culture through his video. It was so fresh and amazing experience to watch his video. And I am sure that all of you would also experience similar thing as mine.


Here is the link of the video, I want you to watch it and see how North Korean people are living. It would be so different with what you imagine :p

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